14 Feb, 2020


High quality seagrass bags woven by Vietnamese artisans. WISEART is proud to bring this product to all of you.

Seagrass bag is handbag, it is made of 100% natural material. This product is the fashion trend for everyone, young people use it as a unique fashion accessory. In fact, hand woven bags has longstanding, why was it not considered as a fashion trend before? Let’s find out together!

Development process of seagrass bags

In the past, seagrass bags were simply woven, but Vietnamese artisans have added the motifs and new design. Therefore, the bag becomes luxurious and extremely attractive. Since then, the bag has been loved by many fashionista. In a nice day, it’s not hard to come across a girl walking on the street with a seagrass bag.

Modern seagrass bag
Modern seagrass bag


Uses of seagrass bags

Seagrass bags are suitable for many fashion styles, especially for girls in the wild and liberal style. However, when combined with simple outfits, one color will make you more elegant and graceful. You will also be more charming, sweeter when you bring a seagrass bag with a white dress, right? Don’t forget to buy this bag, it will make you stand out this spring. I recommend that you own at least one seagrass bag, because it is very handy, can contain files, documents, cosmetics without fear of being sagged or damaged, the price is quite cheap. 

If you want to decorate your home, seagrass bags are also a best product. Put the seagrass bag and a vase of flowers in a corner of the table, it brings a rustic natural to the house. This is suitable for those who prefer quiet and rustic space, it looks simple but this bag has many uses.

Seagrass bags fit many outfits
Decorate the house with seagrass bags


Seagrass bags use environmentally friendly materials

Moreover, seagrass bags are made of environmentally friendly materials. Other handbags, usually made of animal skin or plastic. But everyone in the world is calls for wildlife protection, reducing plastic materials. Therefore, the trend of eco-friendly fashion is receiving a strong response and there’s no reason for us to skip the rustic yet stylishly woven seagrass bags.

Where to buy high quality seagrass bags?

If you want to catch up with friends, you should buy a seagrass bag right away. It is sold at bags stores, supermarkets … To get the best products, you can visit the website Now, WISEART is having a new seagrass bag design. Sample handbag, with black tones combined with the natural color of the seagrass, Often, black bags often feel bored, however, with this bag model will be extremely prominent and attractive. WISEART has many other products made from natural materials, please contact WISEART at the earliest to get the best price and fastest delivery service. WISEART – VIETNAMESE SOUL IN EVERY PRODUCTS



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